San Miguel Ereñozar


The holm oak grove in Urdaibai covers an area of aproximately 1350 hectares, over 1000 of them are located along the municipality of Ereño, Ereñozar and Atxarre mountains, where a compact mass like an entangled forest whose trees remain always green.
Situated at 446,5 m. altitude, from where we can admire the area of the estuary of Mundaka, we can enjoy splendid views: Gorbea mountain, Durango valley, Mundaka estuary and port, Ea, Ibarrangelua, Nabarniz and the Cantabrian sea in the background.
We take the regional road BI-638 Gernika-Lekeitio and once we are in Ereño we take a paved local road, just behind the Town Hall, that leads us through the north-east side of Ereñozar mountain, untill we reach the base of the summit. Then we can park the car at a small area and we must go walking along the final stretch by a small steep and rocky path,  surrounded by a small forest of strawberry trees.
At the end of this natural vantage point we find the hermitage of San Miguel Ereñozar. A small masonry structure, deeply popular. It has a close frame in front and on one side. The frame in its side covers a room with stone benches.
This hermitage is the ancient parish of Ereño, built in the 10th c. by the farmers who work for the lords of Biscay, being parish until 1660, when the current one was built in Elejalde.
According to the chronicles of Alfonso the 11th, in this place here was an ancient fortress that sheltered natives against the entry of the monarch to the territory in 1334.
The inside of the hermitage is small and ther is a trapezoidal shaped sarcophagus on the right, made of sandstone, which dates from the end of the Romanesque period.
This sarcophagus takes us to a period in history when the nobility had a great social control in this lands, and also to think about the culturization process in this villages, as this type of Anthropomorphic sarcophagus is the same used by the visigotic culture, inheritors of the Roman Culture.
The hermitage enjoys great devotion among neighboring churches.
One of the most widespread legends aout this hermitage is the one that mentions the ability of the water, falling from the roof to the tomb.
According to the religious believers, this water can cure skin diseases, being custom to wash up hands and face in this water and to walk three times around the hermitage before it get dry. In addition, the popular belief says that everybody must visit this hermitage during their life, as those who don't do it would come after death, like strong winds blowing around the hermitage.
The 29th of September is the festivity of San Miguel, celebrating mass and popular romeria.


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