Busturialdea-Urdaibai has spectacular environments where the landscape is the main figure. The viewpoints in the region are a good proof of some of the most special places here. Sometimes accompanied by nice hermitages at priviledged places, they show us a wide view of the environment, being unique settlements really worth visiting.
SITUATION3 km. from Bermeo on the road BI-3101 going from Bermeo to Bakio.PROTECTED BIOTOPEIn the municipality of Bermeo, between Cape Matxitxako and the village of Bakio, there is a stretch of coastline where  land and sea strike up battles and where the sea shows its power in caves and natural arches, ant the land wins leaving islets formed by hard reef limestones. This erosion model…
SITUATION Road BI- 631 to Mundaka, then we take first Basamortu street and then a narrow trail until we reach Santa Catalina. DESCRIPTION Located at Santa Catalina neighbourhood, far from the center over a small promontory near the sea and submitted to metereological phenomena all over its history, is this place, outstanding by the beauty of the surroundings and its strategic position. Settled just a…
The holm oak grove in Urdaibai covers an area of aproximately 1350 hectares, over 1000 of them are located along the municipality of Ereño, Ereñozar and Atxarre mountains, where a compact mass like an entangled forest whose trees remain always green. Situated at 446,5 m. altitude, from where we can admire the area of the estuary of Mundaka, we can enjoy splendid views: Gorbea mountain,…
SITUATIONIt is located at the summit of Atxarre mountain, 311,3 m. high. We can enjoy splendid views to the estuary of Mundaka from here, and the hermitages of San Antonio in Sukarrieta, Santa Catalina in Mundaka and San Miguel Ereñozar Ereño can be spotted from here. To get there we take the regional road BI-638 Gernika-Lekeitio and then we take in Muruetagana the road BI-3237…
SITUATIONFrom Mendata we take towards Urrutxua, a crossing roads. Then we take the road BI-3231 to Munitibar, and we will find this splendid viewpoint half way through. DESCRIPTIONIt is a nice viewing point from where we will admire a beautiful panoramic view of the most mountainous landscape of Urdaibai. Located at the hill sides of Oiz mountain, the balcony of Biscay (balcón de Bizkaia) is an…
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