How to get there

Busturialdea-Urdaibai is an environment perfectly connected to the main Basque villages through a road and train network and, through these, with the rest of the world by airports, ports, roads, main roads and the train to Europe.

You can find below information about means of transport available and the most adviced routes to come and know Busturialdea.

Road network and infraestructures: details

The existing communication systems in the Busturialdea are railway and road. The rail system includes the railway line managed by Eusko Train performs Bermeo-Bilbao route that crosses, to the left bank of the river, many of the municipalities of the Urdaibai.

Regarding the road traffic network, it is composed of four main roads that connect the region and, with their corresponding hatches, run along both sides of the river:

1. Corredor Amorebieta-Etxano - Gernika-Lumo - Bermeo (BI-635, BI-2235)

2. Corredor Amorebieta-Extano - Gernika-Lumo - Lekeitio (BI-635, BI-2238)

3. Corredor Bilbao - Mungia - Bermeo (BI-631)

4. Corredor Getxo - Mungia - Gernika-Lumo (BI-634, BI-2121)

Information on traffic conditions:

To know about the traffic and road conditions in Euskadi, acces the traffic conditions map (Basque Government).

Contact to the main transport means:

Taxi ranks:

  • Bermeo: 946 880 922
  • Gernika-Lumo: 946 251 002
  • TeleTaxi: 944 102 121

Public transport:

Public transport has regular lines every half hour, and every fifteen minutes by bus.


Link to the bus services of the company Bizkaibus.

Line numbers and tracks:

  • A3514 Bilbao - Amorebieta Etxano - Gernika-Lumo,
  • A3519 Gernika-Lumo - Mungia,
  • A3515 Bilbao - Amorebieta Etxano - Gernika-Lumo - Bermeo,
  • A3513 Bilbao - Hospital Galdakao - Gernika-Lumo - Lekeitio,
  • A3522 Cruces - UPV/EHU - Mungia - Bermeo,
  • A3523 Bilbao - Hospital Galdakao - Gernika-Lumo - Aulestia - Lekeitio,
  • A3525 Gernika-Lumo - Amorebieta Etxano - UPV/EHU,
  • A3527 Bilbao - Mungia - Bermeo


EuskoTren: Line Bilbao/Atxuri - Gernika-Lumo - Bermeo.

RENFE regional to the rest of Biscay.


Distances to Gernika-Lumo:

  • 33 km de Bilbao.
  • 14 km de la autopista (salida en Amorebieta Etxano)
  • 105 km de San Sebastián.
  • 70 km de Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • 120 km de Hendaya (Francia).

Access to Gernika-Lumo by road:

  • BI-635 (Amorebieta Etxano - Bermeo)
  • BI-2224 (Bolibar junto a Markina - Gernika-Lumo)
  • BI-638 (Lekeitio - Gernika-Lumo)
  • BI-2121 (Mungia - Muxika)

    Tlf. 946 257 609

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