Bermeo is known since ancient times as one of the most important fishing ports of the Cantabrian coastline. It's worth seeing the Casino (1894) and the "Batzoki", a modern construction by Pedro Ispizua. The Convent of San Francisco and its Gothic cloister (1357), the only mediaeval monastery cloister in Biscay. The church of Santa Eufemia, a gothic temple where the kings swore the privileges of…
Occupied since the 16th century by the fishermen of Ibarrangelu, Elantxobe belonged to this municipality until the 18th century. The spectacular vertical arrangement of the town center, makes Elantxobe one of the most peculiar ports of the Basque coast. The city center has a few neoclassical buildings (19th c.) as the Consistory or house n 1/4 38 in Kale Nagusia. In the square, the Church…
The oppidum (fort) of Arrola, which is also known as Marueleza, is one of the characteristic indigenous fortified areas where the local population of the east of Cantabria settled in the final stage of the 2nd Iron Age and the beginning of the Roman period (3rd century B.C. to 1st century A.D.). The archaeological site is made up of a large fortified area with an…
The church of San Martin de Tours holds 2.000 years of history in Forua. Its new shape -after the works promoted after initiative taken jointly by the bishopric of Bilbao, by the Cultural Heritage Service DFB- coexists with the remains of an ancient temple, old necropoli and some buildings from Roman times. They were discovered after 6 months of archeological investigation. They installed a crystal…
The main core of the Forua Roman Settlement is made of isolated buildings, distributed all over a southern hillside. The settlement came to light from the discovery of two latin headings, the "cipo funerario" of San Gregorio (a type of stone pilar) and the altar of San Martin. Forua is one of the many ports that held the Cantabric Coast during the Roman Era. The…
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