The Basque pelota and you: traditional sports which have collaborated in local culture - Jai Alai in Gernika

Description of the experience

Passion, devotion, sportsmanship: we talk about Basque Pelota. You will have chance to discover this and other sports rooted in the Basque Culture, either in Gernika Jai Alai or at the frontons work of the artist Jorge Oteiza. Why should you only enjoy it from the stands?

Trained by a jai alai world champion, you can become a pelotari (Basque pelota player) and play a game in the Mecca of this sport.

Want to know more?

Game time has come. "Cesta Punta" time, one of the most international sports, with great popularity in countries like the United States or Mexico, known as Jai Alai in traditional Basque sports.

This sport is a form of Basque pelota, instead of using your hand, the ball is thrown with a wicker basket that carries the ballplayer in the hand. This type of sport requires precision, concentration and patience.

At the biggest fronton in the world, Jai Alai from Gernika, you will have the opportunity to feel the weight of the wicker basket in your hand, experiencing the difficulty of practicing jai alai. You will learn with a world champion of the sport, Gonzalo Beaskoetxea, who will explain the tricks, rules, bets and history of jai alai. Take a practical lesson, try to play with friends and immortalize the moment with a photo souvenir.

If you want to deepen this experience you can see a demonstration of jai alai sport, an explanation that will help you understand the game, a game of jai alai and, finally, the boldest of your group may enter in pairs on the court, take the basket and play this sport with official balls.

Things to remember

- Practice jai alai sport at one of the most popular frontons.

- Inmortalize fun, take a picture dressed with the basket and the helmet.

- Meet a worldwide champion of the jai alai.


if you want to deepen the experience, Gernika Jai Alai Elkartea, under reservation, offers showing guided visits for groups. An unforgettable opportunity to appreciate the architectural value of the building, immerse yourself in the world of Jai Alai, know their mythical history, admire and play a leading role on the court.

• Book 5 days in advance.

• Duration: 2 hours aprox.

• Languages: Euskera, Spanish and English (French available previous notice)

• Group: 25 people (min.)

• Prize: 500€

• Guided visit to the fronton.

• Commented Exhibition about the History of the Jai Alai.

• Notions about the game and its rules.

• Jai alai regulation game at 25 points.

• Experiencia en la cancha en grupos de 6 personas.

Gernika JAI ALAI:

C/ Carlos Gangoiti, 14



Gernika Jai Alai Elkarte

T. 94 6252601 y 658750627

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

'Souvenirs' to raise money for the jai alai local school.

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