Urdaibai Bird Center is administered by Aranzadi Society of Sciences and works on scientific research and spreading about birds, its migrations and the habitats where they live. Their main added value lies in the fact that the equipment itself is a unique observatory of the marshland, where research and spreading teams coordinate work to let the visitors be privileged of the bird projects they are…
This observatory, situated in the district of Orueta, allows the direct observation of both, land and tidal estuary areas. You can also see some small paserinne birds in winter feeders nearby.
This observatory, situated in the district of Ozollo, allows you to see the deepest water area in the marsh of Orueta, a part of Nekesolo reedbed and the meander, a transit area for lots of birds.
District of San Cristóbal. Busturia Caseta-Observatorio de las marismas. From the station in San Cristobal, crossing the tracks carefully, we will take a path which leads to the marsh to get to a small hut used as a Bird Observatory. It is a special wooden made hut in order to observe the marshlands and the birds without disturbing them. Remember that the best time to…
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