BERTATIK ETXERA (“Urdai bai!” products)

It’s more than food, it’s a lifestyle. Urdaibai style.

The “De la huerta a tu puerta- Bertatik etxera” project started in Arratzu with the support of the Rural Development Association Urremendi. It has been created to combine tradition, local products, and the enthusiasm and commitment of its people. Through a range of products designed and made with locally produced ingredients (kiwi, green pepper, pumpkin, leek and Idiazabal cheese) it’s possible to travel to the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere. It brings to each household a product of high quality, healthy and easy to consume.

The products, which can be found in the brochure brochure, will soon be available for purchase at the following authorized rural guest houses:

“De la huerta a tu puerta- Bertatik etxera” is a cooperation project involving, together with the Arratzu City Council and Urremendi Association, a multidisciplinary team with experts from different fields: culinary innovation (Basque Food Lab); V range food industry (Xardexka); communication and marketing (Akorde); and people and team development (OAZ Coaching para el cambio). The team was built ad-hoc, with Katilu’s support in order to respond to a clear purpose: doing something for the producers and farmers from Arratzu and Busturialdea, as an act of gratitude to their great work and their contribution to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

Bertatik etxera
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